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In 1997, a small company, called Keep Clean Ltd, was incorporated. With a workforce of only ten staff, Keep Clean Ltd began to involve itself in small projects, in order to create a cleaner and greener environment, with the aim that one-day the company would diversify. Keep Clean Ltd faced numerous challenges and has succeeded in its desire to contribute to and sustain our ecosystem through  sheer hard-work, perseverance, integrity and determination. 

In 2009, Keep Clean Ltd acquired Atics Ltd and Arkolac Ltd. Shortly before, in October 2008, Kalis Investment Ltd was formed, with a view to support its diversification and growth. Today, the group has greatly expanded its activities to provide for numerous sectors within the construction industry. 

The Kalis Professional Training Centre was also set up to guide and train our teams of dedicated professionals within each cluster.


Our Vision:

“To be a highly respected organisation that tangibly responds to our customer’s needs and to vanquish any challenges that we face, both effectively and efficiently.” 

In line with the vision, we have elaborated a medium term plan for the group called the SMART 2025, which stands for: 

i)  Sustainability
ii)  Mobility
iii) Agility
iv) Risk & Responsibility
v)  Technology

We intend to optimize fully on the above to move the Kalis group of companies to a higher level as well as consolidating ourselves in a methodical way.

Our Mission

Kalis Investment Ltd is dedicated to providing quality construction, construction products, technical services and management services to our customers. We will strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfill this mission, we will treat all employees fairly and involve them fully within our projects so that our customers may receive responsive and superior services and products.  


We strongly value….   

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovative Products
  • Motivated Workforce
  • Operational Excellence
  • Continued Growth
  • Integrity

We ensure these values are met by….

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Ensure processes are designed with the customer in mind (Amaze and exceed our customers expectations)
  • Supply the highest quality products and services possible to meet expectations and requirements
  • Understand the customers’ concerns and problems, and collaborate to solve them with the utmost integrity

Innovative Products 

  • Anticipate and respond to changes within the market
  • Maintain awareness of technological advancements
  • Develop new products that meet or anticipate our customers’ needs
  • Pursue advances in sensing technology that improves our customers’ results

Motivated Workforce 

  • Foster an environment that respects and supports the talents and needs of others
  • Accept and expect personal responsibility
  • Promote effective and open communication
  • Partner in the company’s financial success

Operational Excellence 

  • Perform continuous improvement
  • Be proactive in problem prevention
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Focus on adding value for the customer

Continued Growth 

  • Align all activities with our values, a purpose, and an envisioned future
  • Cultivate strong customer relationships
  • Understand and use resources effectively
  • Focus on desired results


  • Unconditionally embedded in the business affairs, ensure the above values are consistently normalized in the organization, its beliefs and actions.
  • It is the foundation block for Relationship Marketing and creates an excellent rapport with clients
  • Provide equal opportunity to all and accept no compromise on transparency


In 2013, Kalis Investment Ltd defined a vision for the group known as  “SMART 2025”.

With an aim to promote and develop the concept of sustainability within the Kalis group and across Mauritius, Kalis Investment Ltd has recently set up a Sustainability Committee and identified three main areas with the following objectives:



To provide a sustainable environment for employees

To participate in sustainable actions towards the community         


To develop a Resource Management Program

To develop a Energy Management Program

To develop a Waste/Water Management Program         


To develop ethical priorities

In order to promote awareness of the importance of sustainability, the Sustainability Committee will issue a report on the initiatives taken at the level of the Kalis group, including the training programs for its employees.

Kalis Investment Ltd aims to promote the concept of sustainability through initiatives relating to environmental, social and economic areas but also through good governance practice by complying with international sustainability policies and laws and by promoting privacy and good labour practices. 

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