Does a non-member need to Sign Up to contact any enterprise on Worldbay?

No, everybody has a full view of all adverts, services and business information on the website. To contact any company via their products, services or Business profile, a contact box has been created end a contact box where anybody can post their message.

How can I SIGN Up and become a member of the business Directory?

On the Website, there are two places where you can SIGN UP. First, at the header of the web page, you will find a “Register” button where you will be redirected to a SIGN UP form. Or, on the menu bar you just click on “My Account” Button in the SIGN UP box, complete the form then submit your request. You will then be prompted with a message and you will receive at the same time a registration mail.

How do I advertise on the Website without being a member?

To have this service, you just need to contact Worldbay Support via the “Contact” form on the menu bar.

I’m already a member so how should I access my account?

On the Header you will find “Login” button where you will then be asked to insert your Username/email and Password, or on the menu bar just click on “My Account” button then fill the Sign In form.

I’m lost on the website, I need support. How can I contact the support team?.

At the bottom of your screen there is a live chat and status of Online and Offline of the support team. You just need to send your chat message and a support Technician will reply to your Chat.

I’m using my account for the first time, I can’t access my profile and I’m being prompted with a message saying “I’m not allowed to access this page”. What Should I do?

If this type of message occurs, this means that your account has not yet been validated by Worldbay. Contact the team Via Live Chat or Contact Box.

What is Worldbay?

Worldbay is a fully furnished website. It represents a new innovative, Creative and Unique Online Business Directory. It is an all in one Business Services and Product Facilitator.

Why should a company advertise in Worldbay?

A good Advertising is the Key of a fast growing business house. We allow businesses to expand to the maximum of their services to the public ,that give them the chance to be seen by thousands and thousands of potential clients.

Why should I use Worldbay?

Worldbay is an Online Business Directory, where all companies can have an all in one Service on one platform. For enterprises, it is an opportunity to advertise and market all their products & Services and even post their Vacancies available in their companies. We also provide all settings and information that an enterprise needs to show to their visitors. For the general Publics, it is the chance to surf and search for their needs all on one platform.